Quinoa Lasagna

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Sep 272013
Quinoa Lasagna

Yes, here it is again…quinoa. The last time I shared a quinoa recipe was this Mediterranean Quinoa Salad, which was a looong time ago. I am way past due for another recipe. If you guys use your favorite pre-made tomato sauce, this lasagna is so easily and quickly prepared. To top it off, it is [read more]

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Sep 212013
No-Bake Nutella Cake with Yogurt Whipped Cream and Raspberries

Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday Dear Blog, Happy Birthday To You! This week My Little Gourmet is celebrating it’s first year of existence. Something like this needs to, of course, be celebrated with lots of sugar and plenty of calories. Allow me to introduce: No-Bake Nutella Cake with Whipped Yogurt Cream [read more]

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Sep 072013
Mini Oatmeal Banana Cottage Cheese Pancakes

A bit of a long title, I know, but I just felt that every one of these ingredients needed to get a mention. Especially cottage cheese…I love cottage cheese! It’s low in fat, high in protein and full of healthy vitamins and minerals. And best of all, it’s delicious! I’ve always wanted to try out [read more]

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Aug 302013
White Bean and Vegetable Pasta

Arik is a little bean obsessed. Whether it be black beans, kidney beans, chickpeas or these giant white beans, he loves them all! I’m pretty sure he would just eat them straight out of the can if I let him, but since that’s not exactly the most balanced diet, I try to make a meal [read more]

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Aug 162013
Hawaiian Chicken Skewers

  Our barbecue has finally arrived!! So, of course, we have been doing a lot of grilling. See, while my parents were here visiting we only barbecued once and that was already one time too many for my mother. I had given my dad the job of starting up the coals and about 90 minutes [read more]

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Aug 092013
Vegetable Fried Rice

Initially my plan for this week’s post was a recipe for the grill, since my parents got us the awesome gift of a barbecue. I ordered it online about 2 weeks ago while they were visiting and am STILL waiting for it to arrive. So, you guys will have to wait for the planned chicken [read more]

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Jul 262013
6 Summer Popsicles to make at home

Since my parents are in town visiting for their last week this week  and the weather has been gorgeous , I decided to stay out of the kitchen and enjoy some family time in the sun. I didn’t want to leave you guys empty-handed though, so I searched through some fellow food blogs and found [read more]

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Jul 192013
Pomegranate Lassi

Since my parents are in town right now visiting us, we’ve been doing a lot of eating out. The other day we went to a Vietnamese restaurant, where Arik, by the way, ate two large summer rolls with tofu and fish sauce…sometimes I am amazed at what that kid eats. Anyway, I ordered Arik and [read more]

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